How to Wear Hats With Short Hair

by A. Elizabeth Freeman

Accessorize with style by adding a cute hat to your outfit. You can pull off a hat, even if you have short hair, as long as it's the right hat. A head that completely covers your head and hair won't be as flattering on you as a hat that allows a bit of hair to peek out. You should also keep your face shape in mind when choosing a hat to wear. Your hat doesn't have to match your outfit perfectly, but should coordinate with it well.

Items you will need

  • Curling iron
Step 1

Choose a hat that complements your face shape. If your face is round, go for a hat with a wide brim or one that fits snugly against your head, such as a cute beanie. Tessa Cunningham of "Mail Online" suggests picking an asymmetrical hat to balance your face if it is square. Go for a hat with decoration, such as a feather, if you have an oval or long face.

Step 2

Curl and style the ends of your hair if it is about chin length. Simply comb through your hair if it is in a pixie cut or some other very short cut.

Step 3

Balance the hat on your head so that a bit of your hair shows underneath. If you have long bangs, push the hat back so that your bangs are visible. If your hair is longer in the sides, angle the hat so that you can see portions of hair. Tilt your hat forward so that hair that is longer in the back shows underneath.

Step 4

Run your fingers through the curled ends of you hair to loosen and relax the curls a bit. Smooth down your bangs if necessary or comb through the back of your hair.


  • Stick with a neutral hat color, such as straw, black or gray. Green hats may make your face look green and pink or red hats can make you look ruddy, according to Cunningham.

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