How to Read QuickVue Pregnancy Test Results

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The QuickVue pregnancy tests detects the hCG hormone.

The QuickVue pregnancy tests detects the hCG hormone.

When you are pregnant, you and your baby join together via an organ known as the placenta. The placenta produces a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). The presence of hCG in your body is detectable in your blood stream and in your urine. The QuickVue pregnancy test, manufactured by Quidel Corporation, is a one-step urine test that only requires three drops of urine in the sample well to produce a result.

Step 1

Wait three minutes for the test result to appear. The QuickVue pregnancy test requires you to draw your urine into a pipette after gathering it in the collection container. After laying the test cassette on a flat surface and dispensing three drops of urine from the pipette into the collection well, the urine will migrate to the pad inside the cassette containing the anti-hCG detection serum.

Step 2

Check the QuickVue pregnancy test after the three-minute waiting period. Find the clear control window beside the collection well. A valid QuickVue test will show a blue (horizontal) control line in the window. If a blue line is not visible after three minutes, discard the test. It is not valid.

Step 3

Continue examining the control window. Look for a pink or purple line to appear vertically in the control window. It will extend from the top center to the bottom center of the control window, cutting across the blue control line. The presence of the pink or purple line is a positive result. If only the blue control line is present, the result is negative.


  • Sometimes hCG levels are detectable in women who are not pregnant, according to Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. Although this scenario is quite rare, it is possible.
  • If you suspect that you may be pregnant, follow up with a physician after testing.


  • If you are reading the pregnancy test for someone else, it is important to wear rubber gloves prior to handling the cassette to protect yourself from infections.
  • Timing is important when it comes to reading the QuickVue pregnancy test. Reading the test before three minutes and too long after the three-minute time frame may provide you with an inaccurate result. Set a timer to ensure that you read the pregnancy test within the allotted time.
  • Discard the QuickVue test after viewing the result. Do not reuse pregnancy test cassettes.

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