Making Cushions For Children's Rocking Chairs

by Michelle Powell-Smith

Children's rocking chairs are available in toy stores, furniture stores and discount stores. They are an ideal spot for a little one to sit and look at books, daydream or play with small toys. Make your child's chair a bit more comfortable by making a cushion or two to soften up the seat of his rocking chair.

Items you will need

  • Paper and pencil for pattern making
  • Fabric
  • Twill tape or ribbon to match your fabric, approximately 1 yard
  • 1- to 2-inch thick foam, no more than 18-by-18 inches
  • Quilt batting
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Coordinating thread
  • Serrated knife

Making Cushions for Children's Rocking Chairs

Step 1

Measure your child's rocking chair seat. Use your measurements to draft out a simple pattern. If the back of the seat is curved, you may find it easiest to cut an approximately sized piece of tissue or newsprint and fit it into place. Once you have the seat shape sketched out, add 1 inch to each side for 1 inch foam or 1 1/2 inches if you are using 2-inch foam. Be sure to keep your original lines in place to use when cutting the foam.

Step 2

Lay out your fabric and cut two seat cushion pieces. Cut your ribbon or twill tape into four equally sized pieces, each 9 inches long. Mark where your ties should be and pin the twill tape or ribbon into place so that it will be secured in the seam allowance.

Step 3

Using the original lines, cut your foam for your chair cushion with a serrated knife. Be as neat as you can, but any rough edges will be covered by quilt batting. Wrap the foam in a thin layer of quilt batting for additional softness and padding in your child's rocking chair. Set this aside.

Step 4

Sew together the right sides of the rocking chair cushion with a 1/2-inch seam allowance, leaving a generous opening between the back ties for stuffing. Be careful not to sew over the pins at the twill tape or ribbon ties on your cushion.

Step 5

Carefully insert your foam and quilt batting cushion form into the sewn cushion cover. Straighten as needed. Tuck the seam allowances at the opening in and stitch the opening closed by hand with a simple whip stitch.


  • Use buttons, strong thread and an upholstery needle to tuft your cushion if desired.
  • Square the corners in a box cushion shape if desired or if you want to use thicker foam.


  • Avoid using delicate fabrics for a child's rocking chair.
  • Consider making a muslin cushion and a separate zipping cushion cover if you are concerned about washing it.

About the Author

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