How to Make a Love Coupon Book

by Michelle Powell-Smith

A love coupon book makes a great Valentine's day gift, anniversary gift or anytime gift for your spouse or partner. Romantic coupons can be as elaborate as you wish. Combine loving, playful and naughty coupons for your love coupon book. Use your craft or your computer skills to create this great and free gift option.

Items you will need

  • Word processing program like Microsoft Word or Open Office
  • Printer Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Printer
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon

How to Make a Love Coupon Book

Step 1

Decide what to include in your love coupon book. A full body massage, breakfast in bed and a movie date of his choice are all a good start. You could also include coupons for passionate kisses, sexual fantasies or even a weekend away. Be sure to personalize the love coupons for your partner.

Step 2

Make a list of the romantic coupons you will include in your homemade coupon book. Organize your love coupons by month of the year or theme. You may want to include more than one of some coupons or expiration dates on others.

Step 3

Use a word processing or desktop publishing program to create each love coupon. Set up two coupons per page and cut to form a half size love coupon book or create a table to allow you to print six smaller coupons per page. Add frames or clip art if desired.

Step 4

Print your love coupons. Cut apart using scissors or a paper cutter. Mark guidelines for hole punching on each love coupon. Punch two to four holes to allow for binding. Stack the love coupons neatly.

Step 5

Cut a front and back cover for your love coupon book from cardstock. These should be 1/2-inch larger in each direction than the coupons. Punch holes, positioning them to line up with the holes in the coupons. Stack the back cover, coupons and front cover together. Thread ribbon through each hole and tie securely in a knot. Tie the ends of each ribbon in a bow.


  • Decorate your front and back covers as much or as little as desired.
  • Hide coupons around the house for a happy surprise for your partner.


  • Be sure to include plenty of coupons for free activities and set dates for more costly ones if needed.

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