How to Keep Nails Healthy

by MiShaun Taylor

Whether they’re short or long, painted or bare, everyone wants to have healthy fingernails and toenails. Well, if you don't have a clue on how to keep nails strong and healthy, you are not alone. Millions of people ponder this question every day. There are some important things you can do and avoid in order to keep your nails healthy and gleaming.

Items you will need

  • nail clippers
  • nail polish
  • nail vitamins
  • moisturizer
Step 1

Avoid acrylic fingernails. A manicure is something many people enjoy, but the acrylic, chemicals and rough treatment the nails are given is not good for them. Removing the fingernails and acrylic is terrible for the nails as well. If you choose to have a manicure, simply get your own nails painted rather than having fake ones put on. It will help your nails stay healthy and help you avoid the damage acrylic fingernails cause.

Step 2

Keep your nails trimmed. Trim your nails as soon as they start getting long enough to break on their own. By keeping them trimmed, you encourage new growth and keep the nails healthy and attractive. On average, you should trim your nails about once every week or two. Trim them with a pair of sharp fingernail clippers and then file out any rough edges with a fingernail file. Learn more at Wikihow. See "Additional Resources" for link.

Step 3

Get on a diet for healthy nails. Your diet is an important part of keeping your fingernails and toenails healthy. It should contain generous amounts of whole, raw foods like vegetables and fruits. Getting enough calcium and zinc are also important. Healthy foods like eggs, beans and fish will go a long way toward keeping your nails healthy. You can even take vitamins containing biotin or fish oil to keep your fingernails and toenails pretty and healthy. You can learn more about maintaining a proper diet at Beauty Den. See "Additional Resources" for link.

Step 4

Do not bite your fingernails. If you bite your fingernails, you could do more than make them look terrible. There is a chance that you could develop a bacterial infection or ingrown nails. These are both painful medical conditions that require some form of medical intervention in order to go away. If you have a nail-biting problem, teach yourself to stop biting your nails by dipping them in bitter-tasting substances or by polishing them to stop yourself from biting them.

Step 5

Apply moisturizer. Apply moisturizer to your fingernails and toenails every day. Lotion that contains vitamin E is really great for the nails. The lotion also helps keep them hydrated and helps avoid cracking and brittle fingernails. Push the cuticles back first and then apply the moisturizer, rubbing it into the nail and skin around the nail.



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