Halloween Cubicle Decorating Ideas

by Erin Schreiner Google

Add a touch of spookiness to your office space this season by decorating your cubicle in a spooktacular fashion. Select from an assortment of seasonally appropriate cubicle decorating themes to pick the one that best fits your interest and the mood of your office. Adding certain spooky elements to your cubicle space as Halloween approaches may be just what your coworkers need to get in the holiday mood.

Spider-Tastic Cubicle

Freak out the arachnophobes in your office by making your cubicle spider-tastic. Begin your cubicle decorating by covering office surfaces with synthetic spider webs. After placing these webs around your space, add creepy crawlers, gathering spiders in an assortment of shapes, sizes and colors. Place these arachnids on flat surfaces, and set some up so they appear to be climbing the walls. Fit as many spiders as you can into your space.

Crime Scene Cubicle

Transform your cubicle into an active crime scene to give your workers a Halloween scare. Begin your cubicle transformation by surrounding your cubicle with yellow police tape. Ask a co-worker to lie down on your floor, put tape around her body outline, simulating the look of a crime scene victim. Print out outlines of palm or finger prints on adhesive labels, and stick them on your cubicle walls or desk area. Create some shoe prints on copier paper, and tape them down to your floor, allowing them to serve as your pieces of crime scene evidence.

Witch's Domain Cubicle

Transform your cubicle into a workplace fit for a witch. To give your space a witchy feel, place a large cauldron in the center of your cubicle. Rest a witch's broom against a wall, and hang a watch hat from your coat hook. Type up recipes for witch brews, such as "Pay Day Potion" or "Week Shrinking Brew." Include an assortment of unsavory additives in your recipes, such as eye of newt or frog tongue. Print these recipes, and tack them up on your cubicle wall. To finish your decor, fill some old jars with ghastly looking recipe components, and place them on your desk. Decorating your cubicle in this fashion is a particularly wise choice if you have a reputation for being a bit testy at times, as it allows you to poke fun at yourself during this holiday season.

Pumpkin Patch Cubicle

To craft a Halloween cubicle with a festive yet scare-free feel, turn your space into a pumpkin patch. Simply purchase an assortment of plastic or Styrofoam pumpkins and place them around your space. Use green crate paper to emulate vines, connecting the pumpkins with this green "vine" material. The pumpkins will make your space truly attention getting and reflective of the Halloween spirit.

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