Family-Friendly Games

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Keep your family happy with games.

Keep your family happy with games.

Instead of loafing in front of the TV for yet another round of weekly sit-coms, get your kids up and engage them in a family-friendly game. Along with being fun, family games are a great way to build family relationships and help your family develop. Among other things, these games teach children to follow the rules, reports Allow your family to reap the benefits of the togetherness opportunities that games provide by planning a family game for your brood.

Candy Land

Candy Land is a classic family game that is ideal for young players. To play, participants must draw cards and move along the candy-themed game board. The simple nature and engaging theme of the game will likely delight game novices and make the game a popular pastime for your youngsters.


Kids can build their entrepreneurial skills through the playing of Monopoly. In this board game, players move around the playing area, purchasing property and gathering funds in an effort to secure a monopoly. Children often enjoy the shiny pieces and paper money associated with this game.

I Spy

I Spy is a learning game that requires no materials, allowing families to start up a round wherever they find themselves. To play this game, one player locates something visible in the surrounding area. After picking an object, the player says, “I spy with my little eye something...” followed by the color of the object. The rest of the players then survey the area and start guessing objects that are the stated color. The player to guess the correct object first wins the game and gets to select the next object. This simplistic game is perfect for play in the grocery store line or while waiting for a movie to start.


Help your kiddos build their eye hand coordination with a round of catch. Get a medium-sized ball, and place your family members approximately equidistant from each other. Take turns tossing the ball to each other. Because of the noncompetitive nature of this game, no feelings will be hurt and all family members will feel included in the fun.


Kickball is a simple yet athletically challenging game ideal for family play. To play, families need only a large playground ball and some markers to serve as bases. Set up for the game by placing the markers in a diamond form, similar to the arrangement of a baseball diamond. Measure if you wish, but for a simple family round, estimating distances is fine. Divide your family into two teams, and follow the same rules as baseball. The only differences are that the unforgiving baseball is replaced with your large bouncy ball and legs take the place of bats.

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