How Can Women Gain Weight Fast?

by A. Elizabeth Freeman

You've probably heard of all the problems too much weight can bring -- from heart disease to diabetes to stroke and some cancers. Being underweight also has its problems, such as a lack of proper nutrition and poor muscle tone. If you and your doctor have decided you need to gain weight, you can do so relatively quickly and healthfully. Pack on a few needed by pounds by eating more good-for-you foods each day.

Step 1

Increase your daily caloric consumption. Trade in low-calorie foods for calorie-dense, but still healthy foods, such as nuts and dried fruits. If you are able to add 500 calories a day, you should be able to gain about 1 lb. a week.

Step 2

Divide your meals into five or six smaller ones instead of three large ones so that you do not get overwhelmed by the amount you need to eat. Try to allow about three hours between each meal so that your body is able to process and digest the food.

Step 3

Build muscle by getting plenty of protein each day. Protein-rich foods, such as meat and nuts, tend to be higher in calories as well.

Step 4

Do strength-training exercises, such as lifting weights, to build up your muscles. Muscles weigh more than fat. Try doing lunges or squats while holding a set of hand weights. Beef up your arms with bicep and tricep curls. Pull-ups or push-ups should also help you put on a few pounds.


  • Strength training won't make you look like a bodybuilder.
  • Remember that you need carbohydrates for energy. A low-carb diet won't help you gain weight.
  • Keep your fats healthy. Eat foods, such as olive oil or avocados, that are high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Save the saturated fats, such as butter, for special treats.


  • Though it may seem like an easy way to pack on the pounds, skip the junk food as much as possible. It will just add fat, which won't help you stay healthy.

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