Birthday Party Ideas for Your Husband

by Tiffany Silverberg
Show your husband some love with a party designed just for him.

Show your husband some love with a party designed just for him.

He’s the love of your life. You think he deserves a grand celebration for each of those years of his life. Whether it’s a monumental birthday or just another turn around the sun, put together a memorable birthday that will remind him just how much you and your family love him.


The theme of the party should reflect your husband's interests, as well as the celebration. Major milestone birthdays are prime times for "over the hill" parties, which highlight the copious years he has collected. While many husbands may enjoy this theme, be aware if he feel particularly sensitive about his age. Focus on his vitality and youthfulness with sports or race car themes. Include an opportunity to race go karts, try out sports cars, play a favorite game and get competitive. Let the party remind him that no matter his age, he's always that guy you fell in love with.

Kids or No Kids

Early in the planning, you will need to decide if the kids will be involved in your husband’s party. If you have an infant or toddler, you may want to consider getting a babysitter. The child won’t understand what he’s missing, and you can focus on making the party great for everyone. Older kids may be more involved, provided the party is appropriate for them. If not, plan a separate time to celebrate with them.


Take your husband’s personality and interests into account when choosing the party’s location. Your introverted husband probably won’t be able to relax in a crowded environment, while an extroverted husband may be underwhelmed by a quiet, intimate evening with friends. Take your sports lover to a game, in box or other special seats. Invite friends to your home for a game of cards or movie night.


Since it is a birthday party, many of your guests may feel obligated to bring gifts. You may want to include a note in your invitation, leading your guests to an easy alternative. For instance, if you are putting on a barbecue at your home, you may encourage everyone to bring drinks to share for their gifts. If you have tee time for your golf player, ask guests to bring a new set of balls or tees for his collection.


Try to ignore your own preferences when putting together the guest list. Just because you adore someone’s wife doesn’t necessarily mean he should be invited. Make sure your husband is comfortable with everyone you invite. Be careful about superiors and his boss who could unintentionally put a damper on the party. Through your guest list, guarantee that your husband will feel relaxed and among good company.

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