9-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

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Give your kid a birthday to remember

Give your kid a birthday to remember

Planning a party for a group of high-energy 9-year-olds is enough to keep any mom up at night. While it may seem that keeping these kids entertained and happy may be next to impossible, with proper planning, you may find that the task not as challenging as you initially anticipated. By selecting a theme appropriate for your kid, and taking steps to reduce the difficulty associated with the party planning and implementation process, you can make your kid's party just as much fun for you as it is for her.

Minimize the Guest List

Many 9-year-olds are eager to fill their parties with friends from school. While you are likely to want to allow your child to plan a large party, filling your event with too many guests can present problems when it comes time to house and feed them. Instead of allowing your kid to pass out too many invitations, ask her to limit her selections. Promise her that, instead of inviting all her school friends to the event, you will create cupcakes for her to take to school and give to those who didn't quite make the list.

Take-Away Party Treats

Spending hours in the kitchen to prepare for your kid's birthday party isn't necessary. Instead of you slaving away, let the professionals do the work by ordering prepared party treats. Order pizzas, and cut them down into smaller pieces for your guests. Or visit your kid's favorite fast food restaurant, and buy an array of bite-size treats, such as chicken nuggets. Your birthday girl will likely feel like these purchased goodies are extra special, and you will spend less time slaving away and more time enjoying the event.

Sports Frenzy

Let those 9-year-old guests burn off some energy by planning a sports frenzy party. Use the colors of your child's favorite team as your color themes. Plan an assortment of athletic challenges, spanning from the average, such as a quick basketball game, to the uncommon, like a dizzy bat race. If you plan enough events and keep everything moving, you will likely have no trouble keeping your guests entertained from the event's start until its conclusion.

Diva Gathering

Let your 9-year-old express her inner diva with a diva gathering. Decorate your event in pinks and other decidedly feminine hues. Plan beauty-themed activities, such as nail painting, makeovers and face masks. Give your guests feather boas so that they feel like true divas as they move around your event.

Art Party

If your kid is artistic, she may enjoy an arty party. Fill your event with artistic activities by buying paints, canvases and other art supplies. Let your guests loose to express their inner artistic desires. At the conclusion of the event, guests can take their creations home with them as an artistic reminder of the good times they had.

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